Rudolph’s 1K

How do you make a record breaking Santa run even more festive? Have Rudolph light the way! Every child will receive a light up Rudolph nose to help illuminate the path for the thousands of Santas that will run on Saturday. The race will start at 6:15pm allowing your running Rudolph to light up the night sky while you pick up your race packet for Saturday.

The Rudolph’s 1K is for children ages 12 and under. The race will start and finish at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  All participants will receive a Rudolph light up nose, personalized race bib and a finisher medal.

* Adults accompanying a child at the Rudolph’s 1K will need to sign up for a free Guardian bib during registration in order to be allowed out on the course. Guardian bibs can be secured during the online registration for Rudolph’s 1K and will be picked up at the Expo at the same time the Rudolph’s 1K bib is to be picked up.  If you plan to run with multiple children, only one guardian bib is necessary. Each child is limited to one guardian on the course. This bib must be visible and placed on your front, not on your side or on your back, and not obstructed by a jacket. Accompanying adults who are not wearing a guardian bib will be restricted from entering the course. Finisher medals are for children with Rudolph’s 1K race bibs only. This is a closed-in 1k course and guardians are not needed or required for the children to run.  There will be a secure corral at the finish line where you will meet up with your child after their race.